Promoting Swing Dancing
and Live Swing Music
in the Triangle Region

About TSDS

Triangle Swing Dance Society is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that promotes swing dance and live swing music in the Triangle area. We promote education, lessons, dances and other swing-related events.

TSDS has been formally producing swing dances since 1994 (!) and many of the founders organized dances for a few years before that.


It is important for you to read the TSDS Code of Conduct.


A note on TSDS scope:

The focus of the current and last many years’ TSDS boards of directors is on dances that have characteristics for swing jazz music, like East Coast Swing, Charleston, Lindy Hop, etc. We need to draw the line somewhere, and we choose to focus on (and be the go-to home of local information for) dance styles for swing jazz music.

On our Facebook wall, it is our aim to maintain a stream of information that is pretty-strictly relevant to the swing jazz dances (and the music and culture), and we request that posts stay within this scope.

It is fantastic that people (including many of the TSDS organizers) also enjoy other dance styles, and we recognize that dancing multiple styles creates better all-around dancers. It’s also true that people interested to get information for other dance styles like Blues, Contra, Shag, Waltz and West Coast Swing can connect to it elsewhere on the internet. (And, people who do follow multiple dance styles don’t need or want to see the same information re-posted several times on each of the groups to which they belong.)

The TSDS website calendar and newsletter authors, subject to their discretion and bandwidth, sometimes dedicate space and energy to offering paths to other local dancing.

A note on some fringes: Local music events for rockabilly and jump blues are in scope, since a number of our members enjoy dancing ECS or Lindy to it, and the beat usually swings (part of the beat rhythm is slightly late).


Questions? Want to get involved? Contact us at


Please understand that there are many non-directors who perform vital roles for the functioning of TSDS!


Please meet our current board of directors:

Triangle_Swing_Red  Name Roles Term
Micki McCarthy President 2019-2020
Doug Nöel   2018-2019
 KirkEisenbeis Kirk Eisenbeis Treasurer 2019-2020
  Kate Anzinger Secretary 2019-2020
Melissa Graf   2018-2019
Paul Graf Teacher Coordinator 2018-2019
Ellie Biehl Social Media 2019-2020
   Maija Leff   2019-2020
  Melissa Towne DJ Coordinator 2018-2019