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Triangle Swing Taster

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Triangle Swing Taster

October 12, 2013 at the Triangle Dance Studio

(This replaces “Localpalooza” from recent years.)

Triangle Swing Taster – What & Why

The Triangle Swing Taster is a full day of workshops taught by our Triangle area instructors for all levels (beginner through advanced), covering many different levels and styles of swing dancing.

Our goals for the workshop are:

  1. Provide a specially-designed, affordable workshop experience for people new to swing dancing. Get them comfortable on the dance floor and introduce them to local instructors, most of whom also offer regular instruction.
  2. Provide a nurturing atmosphere where current dancers can learn new skills.
  3. Have fun while learning–with swing dancing, even practice is downright fun.

Be also sure to check out the “Deeper Description” section at the bottom of this page.



Many thanks to our local instructors who donate their time to support this workshop (in randomized order):

Wesley Boz & Debbie Ramsey-Boz (Mad About Dance Academy)
Andrew Wilson & Jamie Sturdevant (
Daniel McClain (Premier Dance Cary)
Chris & Holly Owens (What a Shuffle)
Matt Gambale & Heidi Reule
Matthew Vazquez ( & Christine Dove (
Adam Speen & Abigail Browning (
Jason Sager (The Lindy Lab) & Lindsay Gardner
Laura Rose (Dance 4 Fun)
Richard Badu ( & Pam Harrigan-Young


There is a schedule link at the top of this page.



Individual Classes $15 at the door
Full Day Pass $60 at the door

The Full Day Pass includes entry to that night’s dance at the Carrboro Century Center, featuring live music, and over 100 people to dance with!


There is a registration link at the top of this page.  To mail a payment, look for the mailing address on your payment confirmation page or ask us for the mailing address via


Deeper Description
A typical weekend swing dance workshop focuses on a particular style of swing, like Lindy Hop or Balboa; this workshop offers a broad range of styles and levels.
The Triangle Swing Taster was created for everyone! We strive to provide a welcoming, non-stressful environment for those wanting to learn how to swing dance, while providing a place for more advanced dancers to work on higher level concepts and complex moves. Whether you are new (or nearly new) to swing, or have been dancing for a decade, this workshop will be just right for you!

Advantages of the Triangle Swing Taster:

  1. Someone who has never danced can be dance-floor ready in just one day!
  2. You will be exposed to a plethora of dance styles without having to make a long term commitment. It’s just a taste!
  3. You will have the opportunity to meet many local teachers and experience their methods. If you like their style you will be able to find out what other classes and events they offer.
  4. You will be able to meet others who already dance in the region.
  5. It will be incredibly fun!!!

If you are up for more reading, we have written some articles–especially Beginner’s Corner, which is written like an FAQ.

As the non-profit swing dance organization in the Triangle, TSDS
fills the role of a non-partisan supporter of all swing dancing.