Promoting Swing Dancing
and Live Swing Music
in the Triangle Region


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2013-10-12 TSDS Russ Wilson & His Nouveau Passe Orchestra 2013-10-12 TSDS Tranky Doo Demonstration 2013-10-06 TSDS Mint Julep Jazz Band
2013-09-07 TSDS ARAS 2013-08-17 TSDS The Bumper Jacksons 2013-08-03 TSDS Swing Jazz DJ's
2013-07-14 TSDS The DW Band 2013-06-15 Russ Wilson and his MMM 2013-06-01 TSDS Mint Julep Jazz Band
2013-05-04 TSDS Bill Newtons BBQ 2013-04-06 TSDS Skeedaddle 2013-03-16 TSDS Swang Bros
2013-03-02 TSDS Mint Julep Jazz Band 2013-02-02 TSDS Clark Stern & The Musical Rewards 2013-01-19 TSDS ARAS
2012-12-01 TSDS Mint Julep Jazz Band 2012-11-17 TSDS Skeedaddle 2012-10-27 TSDS Boilermaker Jazz Band
2012-10-13 TSDS Swang Brothers 2012-09-06 TSDS The Kenan McKenzie Quintet 2012-08-04 TSDS Russ Wilson Swingtette
2012-07-14 TSDS Bill Newton's BBQ 2012-06-16 TSDS Mint Julep Jazz Band 2012-06-03 TSDS Russ Wilson & his Mighty Men
2012-05-19 TSDS The Keenan McKenzie Quintet 2012-05-05 TSDS Boilermaker Jazz Band 2012-04-21 TSDS Skeedaddle
2012-04-07 TSDS Birthday Dance 2012-03-17 TSDS Mint Julep Jazz Band 2012-03-03 TSDS The New King Rippers
2012-02-18 TSDS Russ Wilson's Nouveau Passe Orchestra 2012-02-04 TSDS Sadie Hawkins Dance 2012-01-21 TSDS Countdown Quartet
2012-01-07 TSDS Battle of the Genres 2011-12-03 TSDS Holiday Dance BBQ 2011-11-12 TSDS One Leg Up
2011-10-29 TSDS Halloween DJ Dance 2011-10-08 TSDS Skeedaddle 2011-10-01 TSDS Davina and the Vagabonds
2011-09-17 TSDS Equinox 2011-08-20 TSDS Triangle Swing Machine 2011-08-06 TSDS T-Shirt DJ Dance
2011-07-30 TSDS Hawaiian Dance with Skeedaddle 2011-07-09 TSDS Patriotic Dance with Boilermakers 2011-06-18 TSDS Atomic Rhythm All Stars
2011-06-04 TSDS One Leg Up 2011-05-21 TSDS The New King Rippers 2011-05-07 TSDS LOCALPalooza
2011-05-07 TSDS Vintage Dance with ACME Swing Mfg. Co. 2011-05-01 TSDS at Carrboro Day 2011-04-02 TSDS DJ Dancing Fool's Day
2011-03-19 TSDS Swing Greener Dance Russ Wilson Swingtet 2011-03-12 TSDS The New King Rippers 2011-03-05 TSDS DJ Madness
2011-02-12 TSDS Valentine's Dance Skeedaddle 2011-02-05 TSDS Atomic Rhythm All Stars 2011-01-22 TSDS Tin Pan
2011-01-08 TSDS Russ Wilson and His Mighty Mighty Men 2011-01-07 TSDS Swing Dance Demo 2010-12-11 TSDS Capital Transit
2010-10-02 TSDS Richard Tazewell 1st Murphey School 2010-10-02 TSDS Raffle Winners 2010-09-18 TSDS Laura Ridgeway
2010-08-21 TSDS Mystery Hillbillies 2010-08-14 TSDS DJ Tonia & Joel 2010-08-07 TSDS Swang Brothers
2010-07-17 TSDS Hell Camino 2010-07-10 TSDS DJ 2010-06-19 TSDS Bill Newton BBQ
2010-06-12 TSDS DJ Rob & Joel 2010-06-05 TSDS Boilermakers 2007-12-01 TSDS Edsel 500
2007-09-01 TSDS UNC Workshop Joel & Melanie 2007-08-04 RDLP Mighty Lester