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Localpalooza For Those New To Workshops

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What's in the name "Localpalooza"?

Localpalooza is so named to indicate that it is a purely locally produced swing dance workshop with local instructors who have been teaching classes, conducting workshops and giving private lessons in the Triangle area for many years.


How is it different from other workshops?

 The typical weekend swing dance workshop focuses on a particular type, like Lindy Hop or Balboa, and instructors come from all over to impart their particular methods and style.  In addition to classes, there are competitions as well as dances and special performances.  It can be overwhelming for new and inexperienced dancers.

 Localpalooza was conceived to provide a welcoming, non-stressful environment for those wanting to learn how to swing dance.  Beginner classes are offered in East Coast (most popular and easy), Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, West Coast, Collegiate Shag and Charleston.  Intermediate/advanced classes are also offered for many styles of swing for those who want to contiue to develop their dancing.

 A basic concern for followers (usually the woman) is that they won't be able to follow a new partner at a dance even though they've taken classes.  This is not a problem, as you learn that leaders have to give you certain signals which both of you will learn in class.  Followers also learn in class how to "read" those signals and connect with any partner. Learning this unique form of communication that applies to any partner is part of the fun of social dancing!


Advantages of Localpalooza:

  1. Get dance-floor ready in one day's worth of lessons with the Jump Start Beginner Package.  You will be comfortable learning and dancing with the same group of people through 4 classes.
  2. Opportunity to try out a new form of swing dancing without a commitment to a 4-6 week class series.
  3. Opportunity to meet many local teachers and experience their methods.  If you like their style you can sign up for more classes with them.
  4. Discover ways to individualize and improve the quality of your dancing without learning new steps (partner connection and musicality).
  5. Get to know new people in the local swing scene. If you are shy about asking people to dance this is a great way to get more comfortable.
  6. It's fun!


For a description of the various forms of swing dance, read Beginner's Corner under ARTICLES.  You'll be able to click to see videos of each style and decide on what you'd like to learn.  You perhaps have seen some advanced dancers with great moves but didn't know what they were doing.  This article also answers FAQs for beginners.