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Beginner Swing Jump Start Package

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What you'll learn -Video of Swing dancing from one of our dances


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Overview-What  You'll Get

If you are new (or nearly new) to swing, this is just right for you.   Everything you need to go from Zero to Swing Dancing (Really!) in one day.

 No partner required. Perfect for those who have NO experience or for those who've taken a couple of beginner classes.Sold as a package only.

  • Full day of fun-filled swing dance group classes that will get you comfortable on the dance floor fast-starting with the basics and adding moves as the day progresses.
  • Instruction by many of the local instructors who offer ongoing classes
  • Includes instructor-guided review, refinement and practice what you learn with focused one on one attention as necessary 
  • FREE Admission into the live music swing dance Saturday night included with the package
  • Discounted pricing on the package to make it accessible to as many people as possible

Where: Triangle Dance Studio, 2603 S. Miami Blvd, Durham, NC

Time:  10 am to 3:20 pm (with a 1 1/2 hour lunch break)–Feel free to take additional classes after and join us at the dance–See class descriptions below


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Package Description & Details


Here's the recipe for success:

Take someone completely new (or nearly new) to swing (with or without any other dance experience).  Add the Swing Jump Start Package with its high concentration of content and 100 proof instructors. And "poof", he/she is able to have a fun and confident night of dancing that evening (October 8 dance admission included in the price of the package).

The recipe works only if you take the entire package-so that's the only way it is sold.  The nitty grity class ingredients are:

  •  Jump Start 1- Introduction to East Coast with a focus on connection:  It's not innate and  it makes a big difference in dancing and ability to learn easily. Being well connected to your partner enables you to communicate clearly on the dance floor. Connection basics, such as body, arm and hand position and lead/follow technique will be taught so you can have a real conversation with your dance partner through movement.
  • Jump Start 2- Swing Basics/Introductory East Coast:  Learn the basic footwork, open and closed position (and how to go from one to the other)  and a couple of key moves.

[Lunch Break]

  • Jump Start 3 – More Swing Moves:  Build your repertoire of swing moves based on the foundation from the first two classes.
  • Jump Start 4 – Make It Stick/Recap:  And make it look good.This class will review and fine tune everything you've learned so far, and then move ahead to give yo a solid base when you hit the dance floor.


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Jump Start Package Costs:

  • Students with Valid ID & Triangle Swing Dance Society Members-$25 (Note:  you can join when you register; 1 yr membership=$20
  • Non -members (welcome everyone!):  $40


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