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Jazz Gems from


By Adam Sheltz*

 Every once and a while I DJ, so it is with that same rarity that someone will ask me to rip some stuff for them.  If they are a friend I am more inclined to try to put together a mix tape of music.(Tape = CD) Trying to consider their tastes vs what I own and love and want to share.  Picture John Cusack from High Fidelity.

 For the rest of you I don't know well enough here is a non-targetted list.  A quick word of warning if you like the warm fuzz of vinyl you will get a lot, but you also get the hisses and pops associated with the source material.

 And now in no particular order. The list.

Camel Hop – Benny Goodman

Christopher Columbus – Benny Goodman

Crazy Rhythm – Benny Goodman

Darktown Strutters Ball – Alberta Hunter

Just had to do it – Fats Waller

What's Your Name – Fats Waller

Hey! Stop Kissing my Sister – Fats Waller

Your Feets too Big – Fats Waller

Black Coffee – Wingy Manone
If you like this song download the modern day remake by the Careless Lovers, it's available through iTunes.

Ochi Chornya – Wingy Manone

Don't Be That Way – Chick Webb

The Dipsy Doodle – Chick Webb

Darktown Strutters Ball – Chick Webb

Jumping at the Woodside – Count Basie

In a Mellow Tone – Ellington & Basie

Don't Get Around Much Anymore – Ellington and Satchmo


 Special thanks to all the users at that took the time and care to rip these from 78s.

*Adam Sheltz is a former TSDS board member, swing dancer and Triangle Area instructor.  He now lives (and swing dances) in California but still keeps in touch with us.